151003_recorderFamily History Projects

With my family history projects, I use an audio recorder to capture details about family genealogy and memories of life stories. To set up the project, I can work directly with the interviewee or with a family member who would like to give the project as a gift. After initial contact, the project begins with a pre-interview where I collect basic information about the interviewee’s life. From there, I am able to do research and create a detailed interview guide in preparation for the interview. The interview may occur over one session or a series of interview sessions. These interviews are structured to feel relaxed and conversational and they do not require any preparation on the part of the interviewee.  At the end of the project, the product is an audio recording in the form of electronic files, a flash drive and/or CDs.

Basic Audio Recording 

Covers any specific topic or period of a person’s life (one session; up to 2 hours of recording time).

Family Genealogy and Early Years Audio Recording 

Covers family genealogy, childhood, and young adulthood (three sessions; up to 5 hours of recording time).

Life Story Audio Recording

Covers family genealogy and entire life story (six sessions; up to 10 hours of recording time).

It’s not uncommon for interviewees to feel nervous or skeptical going into the project. Once the project is underway, however, they are most often pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable and meaningful the experience feels. Whereas other cultures often place great value on listening to the stories of particularly their elders, we often miss out on our elder’s wisdom and history. Interviewees of mine have felt a profound sense of validation in being heard. They, along with their family members, are deeply grateful that their stories will not be forgotten.

For pricing details, contact me at erica.s.schultz@gmail.com. 

Grant Funded Projects

I am currently one of the oral historians working on the Minnesota Council on Foundations Oral History Project, funded by a Legacy grant.

I am additionally listed as a preservation specialist under the oral history section of the Minnesota Historical Society database.


If you are interested in exploring the possibility of an oral historian working on your grant project, contact me at erica.s.schultz@gmail.com.

Independent Projects

blue lineI am currently collaborating on a new interview and photo-documentary project Behind the Blue Line: Stories of Police Brutality, Abuse and Misuse of Power. Our website features a unique oral history interface which I co-designed with our web developer.  I plan to use similar interfaces in future oral history projects.

Listen to a podcast interview with me about this project.

I am also in the very early projects of starting a new project documenting incarceration in Minnesota. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to get involved in either project.